Our Services

Our Services

Public Cloud

A Virtual Data Centre lets you easily build and manage groups of virtual servers in a secure private, public or hybrid cloud environment using our VMware environment.

Private Cloud

Agility. Efficiency. Resilience. ABT infoCloud harnesses these core values to help give your business an edge through our cloud hosting services powered by VMware.

Hybrid Cloud

Sometimes the best infrastructure requires both cloud and dedicated environments. That’s why we’ve created a true hybrid cloud environment with multi-cloud flexibility.

Cloud Consulting

Our consultancy team has in-depth knowledge of the latest cloud-based technologies that are used in a business environment, including public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.

Cloud Migration

Your organization has decided to grow with the proven benefits of a cloud infrastructure. You know where you want to go, but probably need help getting there.

Cost Optimization

We analyze your business, find lesser-used resources and on/off on them, thereby slashing down your cloud expenditure and optimizing it.

Our Customers

Technology Partners

We’ll Design the Perfect Cloud Services Environment for your Business

  • We will create a cloud environment that is properly aligned to your unique business requirements.
  • We provide a fully managed cloud adoption service that incorporates
  • The design, planning and integration of the latest cloud technologies.
  • We also undertake medium to large-scale cloud migration projects.

We will provide the Best Customer Service

Technical support is provided by our best service desk team. Our cloud consultancy team also provides ongoing support, answering any questions, queries or concerns that you have about your cloud services.