ABT Info Cloud Kubernetes Engine is based on the open source K8S platform to help automate the deployment, scaling and management of container applications. Kubernetes Engine fully integrates components: Container Orchestration, Storage, Networking, Security, PaaS to provide customers with the best environment to develop and deploy applications on the Cloud.

Use Cases

web apps
Web Apps

Deploy your web applications to ABT Info Cloud Kubernetes for easier scaling, higher availability, and lower costs. And use Kubernetes to release new versions seamlessly.


Run GitLab core components on ABT Info Cloud Kubernetes to manage your development lifecycle, or just the Gitlab Runners to easily scale your build and integration pipeline.

API and Backend Services
API and Backend Services

Use ABT Info Cloud Kubernetes to deploy, scale, and manage the services that power your applications. From authentication to message queues to custom app logic, deploying to Kubernetes provides the portability, availability, and efficiency for your services.