When it comes to evolving the IT infrastructure towards a model that will save money, simplify operations, and increase agility, VMware leads the way. Built on VMware vSphere® the industry-leading virtualisation platform, HCI software powered by VMware vSAN™ delivers everything needed to implement enterprise-class hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) software.

HCI software allows the convergence of compute, networking, and storage onto industry-standard x86 servers, enabling a building-block approach with scale-out capabilities. In a hyper-converged infrastructure software, all key data centre functions run as software on the hypervisor in a tightly integrated software layer.

A core building block for the modern data centre, vSAN extends the benefits of VMware vSphere® beyond compute and powers industry-leading hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution.

With vSAN, the organisation benefits from the ability too:

  • Improve security with native HCI encryption.
  • Lower storage costs with the freedom to use affordable, industry-standard servers.
  • Accelerate current and next-gen workloads with cutting-edge, all-flash performance.

It's cost effective too, HCI software powered by vSAN eliminates the need to buy purpose-built hardware, reduces human error through automation, and leverages existing resources to deliver big savings of up. Some organisations report total cost of ownership reductions of up to 50% versus modern storage arrays. As you only pay for what you need. The solution is tailored so over provisioning is no longer required.

Deploying the right hyper-converged infrastructure solution will ensure that your data centre can handle any application with confidence, including high-performing business-critical apps, virtual desktop infrastructure, private clouds, remote IT, and container-based applications for cloud-native environments, without any gaps in performance as usage grows. Deployment options are fully flexible with:

  • Broadest set of deployment options, ranging from a turnkey appliance to more than 100 pre-certified vSAN ReadyNodes™ from all major server vendors.
  • Enable building-block approach with scale-out capabilities.
  • Provides a path to a complete Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).
  • From simplified management to the scalability that business demands, VMware vSAN™ builds on the foundation of VMware vSphere® to deliver the essential capabilities required in a hyper-converged infrastructure solution.

5 Reasons around why to Choose Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Powered by VMware vSAN
  • Simplicity - One integrated software stack with streamlined management
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership - Enterprise performance without enterprise cost
  • Ability to Evolve Without Risk - Run mission-critical apps with confidence
  • Scalability for Tomorrow - Prepare your data center for future applications
  • Deployment Flexibility - Respond quickly to changing business demands