Hassle-Free Enterprise-Level WAF as a Service

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Web applications are an important part of your business and a vital part of how customers interact with you. Unfortunately, web applications also give attackers another gateway into your critical assets and data. Businesses need to distinguish the good traffic from the bad in real-time, accurately. ABT Info Cloud delivers a competitively priced, highly versatile, enterprise-level, cloud-ready WAF that comes with a team of experts to eliminate the complexity for you.

Complete Setup and Management

From installation, deployment through to configuration, our experts ensure your Web Application Firewall is ready to block threats against your critical web applications.

Our analysts fine-tune your WAF SaaS by monitoring your web application traffic, whitelisting valid requests and data, and building a policy that blocks malicious web traffic and other undesired activity.

As new threats emerge and your apps and portfolio change, our web application security experts analysts will update your policies as needed or required. Our services eliminate the steep learning curve and associated staffing costs that come with managing a WAF.

Traditional and Behavior Based Threat Detection

ABT Info Cloud’s cloud-ready, Managed WAF as a Service provides comprehensive features to protect your web applications. Whitelisting, blacklisting, and signature-based blocking are augmented by a learning engine that builds a model of your application to recognize activity that deviates from a known-good baseline of traffic. Using both a positive and negative security model in this way means the ABT Info Cloud’s virtual WAF knows how to recognize malicious activity as well as unexpected activity.

Ongoing Managment & Tuning

A strong partnership between ABT Info Cloud’s virtual WAF experts and your teams enable us to deliver the best experience.

Zero-Day Emering Threat Detection

Our global threat research team delivers a broad signature set allowing capture of zero-days and emerging threats.

Rule and Behavior-Based Detection

Usage-based application learning combines with a huge signature set to provide defence from web application attacks.

Auto-Scaling and High Availability Setup

Flexible deployment options let you choose the best way to implement our virtual web application firewall.

Cloud Deployment Ready

Auto-scaling in the cloud allows you to deal with the highly variable load that can come with doing business digitally.

Application Delivery Controls

Leverage features including virtual hosts, load balancing, caching and acceleration to simplify operations and improve network performance.