Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Services by ABT Info Cloud provides a wide range of security application assessments instead of a single test. It can be used to identify and remove all cybersecurity loopholes. Being a VAPT Service Provider , ABT Info Cloud provides both :

Vulnerability Assessment Services

VA or Vulnerability assessment is a systematic technique of finding any loophole in the security of network and software system. It is basically a process of searching with the motive of identifying any deficiency that affects the proposed security measures. After that, it checks and confirms the quality of those security measures after implementation. The final outcome of the VA process is in the form of a report that displays all vulnerabilities depending on the level of severity.

Penetration Testing Services

PA or Penetration Testing is basically a proof-of-concept technique to evaluate the security of network and software system by exploring and exploiting the vulnerabilities. In addition, it simulates all attacks also by any malicious hacker to measure system or network security. It is a process of performing active analysis on the system to find any weaknesses, loopholes, and technical flaws. It is the process that confirms whether vulnerabilities really exists and after that proves that how much it exploit the application and network. The Penetration Testing process can damage the system so needs to carried out very carefully. The outcome of PT is in the form of screenshot or log.

Web Application VAPT

We analyze pages of website, complete application, & web servers to identify any security loophole that gives hacker an opportunity to attack. Being VAPT Service Provider, will give you a complete report with remediation.

Network VAPT

We help in enhancing the architecture of the network by identifying the cracks in already existing network architecture. After analyzing the gaps, we provide network vulnerability assessment services recommendations to improve the performance.

Configuration & Source Code Review

We make sure that all your technologies, websites, & application devices are running with best security configuration & coding standards. We also check that it must be in-line with organization best practices & compliance requirements.

Detect, Respond & Recover Rapidly

As a VAPT Service Provider , we deliver illegitimate data from all known and unknown threats. This will help clients in preventing any type of data loss by blocking all other activities on the rest according to this data.

VAPT Services Offered by Us

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How Your Business is Benefited by VAPT Service?
Manage & Control Risk Properly

The major benefit of commissioning penetration testing in an organization is that it will provide them a baseline on which they can work in order to handle or manage the risk in an optimal manner. If an organization is using penetration testing service, then it will display all vulnerabilities are there in the target system with associated risk. After that, risk evaluation is done to report vulnerabilities high, medium, or low. This way will let users tackle highest risk first and minimize the risk efficiently.

Cut down Client-side Attacks

VAPT is an effective way to make sure that highly targeted client-side attacks are minimized. Organizations evaluating the security of the server, have a risk of being targeted with client-side attacks and exploit the vulnerabilities like in web browsers. Thus, it is important to make sure that patch management processes are working properly by updating the operating system and a third-party application.

Enhance Business Continuity

Continuity of business is always the topmost security concern for most of every organization. There are several reasons that leads to failure in the business continuity. Among all of them, lack of security is the major one as insecure system or network leads to business continuity loss. Vulnerabilities in most of the cases exploit and produce a DOS situation that usually violate the server availability. Penetration testing needs to coordinated and planned properly to be executed in an effective manner without any damage.

Safeguard Clients, Partners & Third-parties

Whenever a security breach occurs, it not affect the targeted organization but associated clients, partners and third parties also that are working with it. To protect all of them from such breaches, VAPT services can be used. In addition, required actions towards the system and network security improve the professional relationships that are created on trust.